Financial Assistance

The Lulu Fund was founded on one simple idea, to help others in time of need. Lauren “Lulu” Cernuto knew the financial burden of living with a brain tumor and she was always determined to find ways to raise money for research and to help others. Her dream and our hope is that our grants relieve some financial stress that comes along with navigating the changes that come along with cancer. The following are a list of things our grants cover: cell phone bill, rent payment, travel expenses and medical expenses. In years to come we hope to help in many more ways.

Eligibility requirements

You are a young adult 18-36.

You are currently a brain tumor patient and undergoing active treatment for a brain tumor
(active treatment is
the period after a positive diagnosis of cancer has been made (with a diagnostic biopsy), and during which therapies are being administered, including surgical procedures to remove the cancer, chemotherapy or radiation). 

You are a citizen of the United states.

This Application must be completely filled out to be considered for a grant by The Lulu Fund. Additional information may be requested in connection with the review of your application, including more details of your financial situation. You should expect a response in approximately up to 120 days following submittal of your Application. You hereby authorize The Lulu Fund to disclose your information to our board of directors, and others as necessary in making a decision on your Application. In addition, you agree that The Lulu Fund may use your name and general health diagnosis on our website and other marketing and media.