about the lulu fund

Hello, my name is Jena Cernuto, thank you for viewing my families foundation aimed at raising and providing financial assistance to those suffering from brain cancer. In 2012 my sister, Lauren Cernuto, was diagnosed with an Anaplastic Astrocytoma Grade 3 tumor, (which later turned into a Glioblastoma) a very aggressive form of brain cancer. She not only battled her own fight, but she became determined to bring awareness of the many ways brain tumors could be overcome, so she joined and started many fundraisers to help find a cure; she never gave up on that fight. 


Lauren’s involvement in various charities and fundraisers, helped others who were suffering with this disease in whatever way possible. It was something she always had a drive and passion for, and her dream was to start her own foundation which would give assistance to people battling this dreaded disease. Sadly almost 10 years later my beloved sister’s fight was over. She now rests in peace, and I promise her legacy will always live on through her passion for helping others.


There are many foundations and charities that focus on research, but it is more difficult to find financial aid for people who are living with brain cancer. Additionally, it is not always easy to receive that sort of help. What we, at The Lulu Fund realized is each foundation and charity have certain criteria you must meet, it could be you must be in a certain age group, at a stage in your diagnosis to receive help, or the type of medications you were on, but the bottom line is it is difficult to qualify for assistance.


Lauren wanted  to find a simple way to reach as many affected people as possible and try to make things a little easier, because she knew firsthand bringing any kind of relief or assistance and showing that people care is always the best medicine.


This started with Lauren and it was her brilliant idea. And now, The Lulu Fund has been officially started, thanks to her friends and family. We want to honor my beautiful sister’s memory by helping others who are suffering the way she suffered. We want to lessen the many burdens, in any way we can, for anyone who is fighting this horrible fight. 


This is where you come in!


With everyone’s generosity and support, The Lulu Fund will become one of the many foundations, (there can never be enough) that will give help to people affected by brain cancer, for years to come! You can come to an event we are hosting, which can be found on our Events page, or donate here. All proceeds will be generously distributed to help those who cannot afford plane tickets, medications, hotel stays for treatment centers away from home, and many other financial burdens that come along with fighting this fight. 


Thank you for taking the time and your generosity in making a huge difference in people’s lives! The gratitude we have for everyone’s efforts cannot be put into words, but we will be forever grateful. And on behalf of my sister, “GO TEAM LAUREN!”

Our Family

Lauren was fortunate enough to have a huge family. She was one of four siblings. Anthony is the eldest, then Jena, Lauren and Nicole is the youngest of the four. Anthony and Tina are Lauren’s parents and they were both born and raised in the Bronx, NY. Her dad was one of eight and her mom was one of five. This resulted in an abundance of aunts, uncles, and cousins. Growing up in a very big and close family was probably one of Lauren’s best gifts growing up because the love that was present was undeniable and it was instilled in her since day one. Lauren’s family was her biggest support system and she knew that without a doubt.