love and light
to all who fight

the lulu fund

There are many foundations and charities that focus on research, but it is more difficult to find financial aid for people who are living with brain cancer. Additionally, it is not always easy to receive that sort of help. What we, at The Lulu Fund realized is each foundation and charity have certain criteria you must meet, it could be you must be in a certain age group, at a stage in your diagnosis to receive help, or the type of medications you were on, but the bottom line is it is difficult to qualify for assistance. Our goal is to find a simple way to reach as many affected people as possible. 


With everyone’s generosity and support, The Lulu Fund will become one of the many foundations, (there can never be enough) that will give help to people affected by brain cancer, for years to come! Our events will be a place where we will be raffling off items to raise money to help others who are suffering from this disease, and we hope to continue raising money in between events through this website.

Our Latest Event:


The strand golf & country club, naples, fl || 9/9/23